Tuesday, July 22, 2014

diary of a scrapbooker: first entry!

Dear Diary:

Kelly here this morning to share with you my first diary entry for our new series, Diary of a Scrapbooker.  This series will post monthly along with the other posts we've been introducing throughout the month.  Diary of a Scrapbooker is our chance to speak from the heart about anything that's on our mind.  We hope you enjoy these posts!

Today, I wanted to talk about scrapbooking.  (hehe silly I know.  It's ALL about scrapbooking!)  But since we are speaking from the heart, today I want to talk about getting lost in scrapbooking.  Has this ever happened to anyone?  Not the "Oooo I love this layout so much...swoon!" scrapbooking, but the "I feel overwhelmed by trying to document my memories," the "I'm x amount of weeks behind," or the "I have way too many photos and will never get them scrapbooked." Again I ask, has this ever happened to anyone?

I went through this last year.  I've been scrapbooking since about 2008 and have loved it so much!  I love looking back at my "early projects" that have hardly any embellishments and scribbly journaling.  But you know what resonates out of these projects?  MY MEMORIES AND MY STORIES.  Somehow, as I started to learn about which products I loved, what scrapbookers' styles I loved, and ohmygosh PINTEREST, what's that?!,  I got lost.

I began producing projects that were rushed, that I was very unhappy with, and that weren't sharing my stories and my memories.  I skipped journaling because "it just didn't fit" and over-embellished because "it looked good."  I did this for about two years.  And then it hit me.  It seemed to "hit me" when I took a class taught by the fabulous Teresa Collins.  She shared a heartwarming story and made us all tear up when she talked about the importance of documenting YOUR MEMORIES.  Whether the photos are blurry, or someone's head is cut off, or even if you think the story is silly.  IT'S ALL ABOUT TELLING YOUR STORY.

So today, in my first diary entry, I am reminding myself, and you, to remember WHY we scrapbook.  To remember that even though I am soooo in love with these stickers or those sequins or that paper, the products are there to EMPHASIZE my story and not overpower it.  To remember that even though the story is super long and doesn't look "the greatest" on my page, I am happy it is there because it is told and someday, someone will read that story and be happy I wrote it down.  And finally, to remember that a style of scrapbooking is just that.  A style.  I don't have to follow the styles.  And I most likely won't.

Kelly Jean

PS: I included only 12 by 12 layouts in this post because this is my biggest struggle in scrapbooking.  These four, however, are my favorite layouts created.

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  1. Kelly your pages are amazing. I this feature.


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