Friday, July 4, 2014

July Challenge: Busting That Journaling Card Stash

Happy Birthday America! Now, we know it's Independence Day and everybody is enjoying this lovely and unusually colder weather (at least here in the Midwest), but it's the first Friday of the month!  It's time for a new Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenge!

Before I unveil my (Heather) project, I want to announce the winner of June's "Let's Go Monotone" challenge. We had seven people play along. I think that's a first in our short challenge history. We are very, very grateful to everyone that follows us and plays along. The winner is Katie Smith and her lovely pink card! Make sure to check out her card in her Two Peas gallery. Unfortunately, as many of you already know, Two Peas in a Bucket will be shutting down completely at the end of next week, so check out Katie's card before then. Katie, please email me at heather(dot)sweet12(at)gmail(dot)com. Then I can get your prize out to you.

This month is all about busting your journaling card stash! If you're like me, you have piles upon piles. I don't know what it is about these things! I can't resist them! No matter the brand, kit, cut-apart sheet-I'll buy it. It's a bit ridiculous. And I don't even do any kind of daily pocket scrapbooking! I've even gotten Kelly hooked on them. She bought her first set (I believe it was a Teresa Collins set) of journaling cards not too long ago. And, of course, I've sent her some. And then a mutual scrappy friend sent her some. Basically, we're in journaling card heaven!

Based on our collection-I mean stash-Kelly and I really needed to put these cards to use.

Full Layout

I used 17 journaling cards on this layout! You're probably like, "Um, where Heather?". Let me show you...


That's right, a hidden, interactive scrapbook layout! My very first!


This particular photo (the main photo on my layout) came with a sequence of snapshots. I couldn't leave them out of the story because they each helped tell the story. And, some of the are quite funny. I had to figure out how to incorporate this sequence of photos in one layout that wasn't a pocket page. This was what I came up with.

Grid Design

This is a very different kind of layout for me. There aren't any layers on here. And it's very clean, or more like a grid design. Because of the interactive aspect of this layout and the tons of journaling cards, I wanted to keep the layout simple.

Here's just a few more detail shots of my layout:

Close Up

Details Shot

Details Shot

Kelly will be back next week showing you all her journaling card project. Make sure to come back! And we have some fun posts planned through the month to give you all some inspiration while playing along with our challenge!

The {randomly chosen} winner of this month's challenge will win 50 of these beautiful journaling cards from the WRMK/Teresa Collins Snapshots set.  THESE ARE NEW AND PURCHASED JUST FOR OUR CHALLENGE!  There will be 2 of each cards, including 2 large 4x6 die cut cards, 2 small 3x4 die cut cards, and 4 transparent printed cards.

Make sure to play along with us! We love seeing everyone's projects! Have a great holiday weekend!

Heather and Kelly


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  2. super love how you used your cards!


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