Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kelly's project: tiny memories in a tin mini album!

Hello friends!  We are halfway through our challenge and it is my turn to reveal my project!  I bet Heather and I threw you off this month with posting our projects at different times, didn't we?  Don't worry, we're not trying to trick you!  Heather and I are tweaking our blog schedule a bit to give you more content.  And next month, we have something super excited planned, so stay tuned!

I'm super EXCITED to share my project with you FINALLY!  Of course, I created a mini album for our challenge.  A few weeks ago, I shared this mini album on my blog.  After creating it, I was itching to try it again, so I thought, why not with journaling cards?

The album is contained inside of a tin that measures 5x7.  (I've already had questions about the tin and I think I purchased it at Michael's).  I used 4x6 and 3x4 Project Life cards for the "pages" of the album.  The first and last pages of the album are adhered to the front and back of the tin.  The rest of the album is simple: IT ACCORDION FOLDS INTO THE TIN!  I used the same technique as the album linked above: washi tape keeps each page together with the next.  The washi tape was super easy to use for this album and it is really forgiving so it folds so well!

The best part about using journaling cards for the album was that since the cards are double-sided, you get more room for your memories!  With this album, you can look through the front pages, then flip the tin backwards and check out the back!  Here's a few close-ups.

And here is how it closes.  You can also check out this short but sweet video I shared on my Instagram that shows how the album folds open and closed.

AND NOW FOR THE PRIZE!  I'm sorry I was a tad bit late in purchasing the prize this month, but there's still time to play along for a chance at it.  And here it is!  The {randomly chosen} winner of this month's challenge will win 50 of these beautiful journaling cards from the WRMK/Teresa Collins Snapshots set.  THESE ARE NEW AND PURCHASED JUST FOR OUR CHALLENGE!  There will be 2 of each cards, including 2 large 4x6 die cut cards, 2 small 3x4 die cut cards, and 4 transparent printed cards.  They're beautiful!  If you're like me and want to see what's inside, here's a peek at some of the cards inside.

Play along with us!  There's still PLENTY OF TIME!  Click on our Current Challenge link above, or click here.


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  1. LOVE THIS ALBUM KELLY! Besides the lovely photos and journaling cards and embellishments, HOW you created this mini album is ingenious! You have inspired me, yet again!


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