Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Closer Look: At Kelly's Project!

Products used: Teresa Collins Memorabilia Collection, Teresa Collins stencil and modeling paste, Heidi Swap spray mist, Thickers, other: vellum, sewing machine, circle punch
Yah yah yah yah yah!  It's my turn to share the details on my project!  I'm super excited to share with you a closer look at my layout.  If you follow me on my personal blog, you know that I am a huge fan of mini albums, paper crafts, and pretty much everything except for layouts.  Layouts are NOT my forte, so I don't create them that often.  Lately though, I've been itching to create a layout.  I don't know why, I just really wanted to!

Last month I turned 27.  It really doesn't seem like any special age to be turning, but for me it really was, for personal reasons.  So I decided to create a layout capturing my feelings on turning 27.  I used a photo from an impromptu photo shoot I did on my birthday.  (I took all the photos myself just using my tripod and self-timer!)  I loved how this photo turned out!  It's a bit blurry but I wanted it like that because it captures my personality and characteristics.

For this layout, I wanted a fun and busy background, so I used a Teresa Collins stencil to create this layout.  I must admit this layout took FOR-EV-ER!  I traced all of the letters using a pencil first and then used the modeling paste afterwards.  I am also sharing my EPIC FAIL: Originally I wanted the words "TWENTY SEVEN" to be spelled out into my background, but after I used the stencil for the entire background, it was no longer laying flat and it came out like this (above).  I was so devastated because I wanted this to pan out so bad, but it just didn't.  And sometimes, that's just the way art goes!

I ended up covering the epicly-failed black letters with some patterned paper and my photo.  That didn't leave much room for my journaling, and I knew I wanted to write a lot, so I created a hidden pocket by sewing some patterned paper on top of my layout.  Then I typed my journaling on my typewriter and tucked it into the pocket.  I was happy to have hidden journaling also as the journaling is a bit more personal to me, and can be for my eyes only.  I added an arrow brad so I remembered the journaling is there!

I wanted to leave alot of this background open because I thought it was sooo pretty and cool!  So I added just a little embellishing in the top left corner and then some black spray mist.  I went a little crazy with the spray mist, but that's okay.  It's messy and pretty, just how I like my LIFE!

And there you have it!  I'm pretty happy with how it came out, even if the idea of the title didn't pan out exactly as planned.  I'm really happy I was able to capture this moment in my life.  Hope you like it too!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Pretty much love it, Kelly! Everything about it. It's crazy how you can be so disappointed that something didn't turn out right (it's all an art thing, I think) and then you can adjust your design and it turns out ok! I love the outcome!! :)


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