Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Closer Look: Heather's Project

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! Heather here showing you a little more up-close and personal details about JTMG's new monthly challenge: All About Me (or you, you get it)! For those of you who haven't seen our new challenge this month (or last month's winner), check it out!

Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenge: All About Me, September 2014

I really, really enjoyed putting this layout together! I do have a secret, I was at a complete loss on how I was going to document a project all about me before I turned to the ever-trustworthy Pinterest. I literally had ZERO ideas for this month, but, as always, Pinterest pulled through for the win!

I found two layouts that inspired my own layout for this month's challenge.

As you can see, this was a layout by Elizabeth Kartchner for Two Peas in a Bucket, which does not exist anymore (insert sad face), therefore, I do not have a link.
I have always adored the Dear Lizzy products by Elizabeth Kartchner. I adore Elizabeth Kartchner. I bet you can't guess which element inspired me? *wink, wink* I fell in love with the die cut list that Liz used to describe who she was at that moment. I liked how simple, yet effective it was at really getting a snapshot of life, right now.

"Me @ 27" Layout: Die Cut List | Coffee & Pretty Paper

I used my Silhouette Cameo to die cut my list. It was difficult for me to narrow down my list so everything would fit on my 3" or 4" wide (I think) strip of paper. I also had a hard time finding a font that would be big and bold enough to be legible. But, that did not stop me! There were a few other aspects about me that I wanted to list, but I'll just have to write them down instead. I decided to use sequins as bullet points because some of my descriptions were more than one line.

Sadly, again, I cannot provide a link as Two Peas does not exist anymore.
This second layout by Jen Kinkade was my other inspirational piece. There were three elements that drew me in: 

  1. The grid design, which is surprising because I am not a clean, grid design scrapbooker. But there was something about it that I really liked.
  2. The layered look of paper providing the frame around the entire layout. You know me and my layers!
  3. The various quotes. I'm a sucker for quotes. 
Me @ 27 Layout | Coffee & Pretty Paper

Because I couldn't make up my mind, I decided to use the elements from both layouts to inspire my project. I used Project Life cards or journaling cards for my grid design. I was really in the mood to incorporate some digital elements (if you call printing on a journaling card digital) to my layout. Which, again, is something unusual for me. 

I printed my two quotes that have resonated with me lately on Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Project Life cards. The third quote is a card from the same kit. 

"Me @ 27" Layout: Detail Shot | Coffee & Pretty Paper

And yet, ANOTHER new thing I did with this layout is to print my photo on vellum! But, let me be honest with you. I do not have a photo printer or photo paper for my regular printer. I did not have a recent photo of me laying around (a lot of my supplies are packed up because our house is on the market-including a lot of my photos). I was too lazy to edit photos to send a batch to Walgreens. I was feeling creative and realized I really needed to harness my mojo. What do I have laying around that would print a photo somewhat nicely? Vellum! OMG, I love it! Will definitely be doing again!

What's funny about this photo is that it kind of looks staged, does it not? It was taken by my friend during a 5-year reunion weekend to U of I. During our trip, we definitely had to do some quad sitting (boy, do I miss my college campus during the fall). I must have been staring off daydreaming when she took this photo!

"Me @ 27" Layout: Title Close-Up | Coffee & Pretty Paper

My title is really simple, nothing too thought provoking. Again, I wanted this page to be a testament to who I am, right now. The pink floral Project Life card on the left is washi tape-d down at the top, providing space behind for some more personal journaling. And yes, that is a quote from Dumbledore. I seriously love the Harry Potter series. They were a big part of my childhood, my life in general (because I'm still so young!), so it was only appropriate to include one of my favorite quotes.

There you have it! Some details and the story behind my All About Me layout. Check out my Flickr album for more detailed shots of my "Me @ 27" layout. Don't forget to play along with us this month! Kelly and I are picking some of our favorite products for this month's prize! All details can be found here

Make sure to come back later this week for my Diary of a Scrapbooker post and some weekend inspiration! Until then...


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